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Cory Elrod
American singer/songwriter, self penned Album 'Thumb In The Wind' some great tracks...
Dan The Man Morrison
A Great Country Album from this great UK singer ..
Dave Vernon - A Man Called Johnny Cash
Dave Vernons country Album with some great tracks including Dave's big hit 'Child of 1945'..
Dave Vernon - Hand Picked In Ireland
Some great Irish songs on this album and sung beutifully by Dave Vernon...
Gunsmoke - We've Got You Covered
A great album from UK Country group with a super selection of tracks..
Gunsmoke -Jewels From A Country Jukebox
Gunsmoke - more great Country from this UK group..
Poor Man's Gold - Big Cheif Rising Star
Another great track from this great showman and his band..
Rick Wild - Country Love
Rick Wild, lead singer in the hit making group 'The Overlanders' recorded the cross-over Album Count..
Rick Wild - Essential Toe Tapping Collection
Rick Wild lead singer in the hit making group The Overlanders, this album is a mixed genre of tracks..
A great Country Album from UK singer/songwriter B.J.Locklin. Self Penned tracks downloadable in this..

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