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Benidorm Comedy Cd
Some of these songs could be considered offensive ans adult material..
Big Chief Riasing Star
Country song from Irish singer ..
Cheryle Louise
Benidorm super star live from a club now closed ..
Dan The Man Morrison
A Great Country Album from this great UK singer ..
Dave Vernon - A Man Called Johnny Cash
Dave Vernons country Album with some great tracks including Dave's big hit 'Child of 1945'..
Dick Barnes - As I Kneel At The Cross
A great track fro Dick Barnes..
Dick Barnes - High Upon His Mountain
Great classic performed by Dick Barnes..
Writen by American songwriter James P Denney The song is about how the 'common' people persive the ..
Exactly - No Means No
A topical recording written by Ameican Songwiter James P Denney, Sung by UK Artist Marie Dance and r..
Harry Andrews - Al Jolson
Harry Andrews performed as Al Jolson, a very popular act in the Benidorm clubs and bars..
Help Us Through - Bob Webb
American singer/songwriter Bob Webb ..
Johnny Kalander
Popular Benidorm comedian Johnny Kalander also a singer for many years. This is one of his albums we..
Jonathan James - The Other Side
Although the late Jonathan James was one of the top comedians in Benidorm he was also an accomplishe..
Laveaux - Most Requested
Belgium Country singer/songwriter Laveaux has many fans around the world. We are pleased to provide ..
My Ship
Single from the Album Cocktail Hour with Lynne Fox A beautiful collection of standards and original..

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