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Extreme Help If Required

Extreme Help If Required

It has come to my attention that many artists would like to join us, but they only use their phone to upload to the Internet.

This can make the process difficult, due to the fact when creating an Album a zip file is required of all the album contents to be added to the album for download when it's sold.

Also some Artists are not totally savvy with creating files for download.

We can help you in all situations to get your music out there and sold, creating you a much better deal that can be found elsewhere.

You require a Paypal Account to carry out transactions

We offer the following extreme options.

If you have a laptop or desktop computer,

We will train you in all aspects of uploading to our site on a one to one basis via live text to ensure you are completely confident Cost £25.00

If you only require us to convert your mp3 files (10 or 12) for a album to a zip file.

This requires you to email the files to us and we email zip file back to you. Cost £10.00

If you have WAV or files other than mp3 and you need them converting to mp3 Cost £0.50 a file

If you require us to shorten your tracks as demos to add to your album Cost £0.50 a file

If you require Us to totally upload a track or Album for you, we would require from you the following. A cover photo, the single tracks your email address and a password for our site so that you can log in to see and collect your earnings.

We will create the track or album, add the tracks, add the shortened (demo) version and all aspects required. You would then have access to your control panel and can change your password if required. Cost for this work = Single Track £3.00 plus Listing Fee £1 plus 20% to cover transaction charges etc. Total on a track selling at £0.50 would be £4.29

For an Album of 10-12 tracks £10 plus Listing Fee £1 plus 20% of selling price to cover transaction charges. Total of an Album selling at £3.99 would be £11.80


For more information if required please email me at admin@soundblitzrecords.com

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